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The silvervine sticks for cats are high-quality, natural, safe and harmless. Compared with traditional catnip, our cat sticks containing 6 compounds that stimulate the sense of smell. These catnip sticks are very attractive to cats and will cause them to react strongly.


The natural plant silvervine can remove harmful plaque and tartar for great dental hygiene. They'll also keep your kittys breath fresh all day long!


The sticks also promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep your kitty healthy. These catnip sticks are also a natural appetite stimulant and digestive aid to keep your feline fit!


    Our ceramic pet bowls are simple but elegant in design. The wooden set will have a non-slip frame which will prevent your furry friend from moving their food around! The ceramic materials enable for a easy to clean surface that is non-toxic and durable enough for the dishwasher.


    We offer two options: double bowl set and a single bowl

    Sizes: 400ML or 850ML


    If you've got a pup that loves to snack then you just might to consider carrying this travel food bowl! They are built with light weight silicone materials which are 100% non-toxic during our crafting process. If you wanted to seal the deal for yourself then you'll find cleaning this as simple as throwing it in the dishwasher and pressing start! Don't worry all of our bowls are durable to survive the wash and ensure a long life of feeding your four legged friend on the go

    We have two different sizes:

    - 350 ml

    - 1000 ml


    This designer kitty hammock is perfect for any day-time nap! The cotton interior will provide a soft and comfortable feel while being secured by 4 conveniently included clips. 


    • Small - 27cmX27cm
    • Medium - 35cmX35cm
    • Large - 53cmX35cm

    Includes: 4 hanging clips




    Having to make the extra trip to the doggy station for a bag and then back to dispose of it is a lot of steps. This pet waste dispenser will hold up to 10 LBS of doggy waste bags to ensure longevity between refills! Dispensers securely attach to any leash or bag making it completely versatile. 


    *Bags sold separately* 

    $6.99 $11.51

    Leave behind the grooming headache, removing up to 95% of dead hair and tangles from your cat in as little as 10 minutes! Keep your furniture and floors free of pet hair while saving money and time on expensive visits to the vet for pet grooming services! 

    Our cat comb is made to last through years of grooming and is easy to grip for all owners. Rid your four-legged friend of undercoat and loose hair effortlessly, and keep at bay allergies by frequently brushing them with this hair tool!

    Cuddling up next to your furry friend is cute and fun until your top begins to look like a fuzzy sweater! Use this comb has a two in one: remove and capture pesky hairs while bonding with your feline pal
    • Dozens of silicone grooming tips which mimics a soft and relaxing massage
    • Hair remover isn perfect for long, short and curly haired kittys allowing for quick grooming
    • Skin-friendly materials ensure nothing will cause skin damage on your kitty friend 


    Our automatic water dispenser will take one more thing off of your to do daily to-do list as you can fill this bowl and forget about it! The dispenser is USB powered and can hold 2.4L of water. 


    • BPA free plastic design was made to ensure 100% kitty safe consumption and easy to clean!
    • Stainless Steel design allows for an unbreakable dispenser and dishwasher safe!
    • Both designs feature a convient  side water level view so you don't have to guess when it needs to be refilled!

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