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For Sleepy Pets

Here you will find all things to keep your four legged friend comfortable!



$20.00 $25.32

Our kozy n warm kitty bed will keep your feline friend protected from chilly nights and make them feel surrounded and loved. The cushion is detachable for easy hand washing needs along with a soft and fuzzy top for an added kitty perch. The bottom of your kitty bed is fitted with non-slip materials to prevent your pet from making any moves without your awareness!

The double fitting design of the bed can create a more open feel to keep your cat cool during summer days as well!



L -  35x33x30cm

XL - 38x38x34cm

$19.99 $40.99

With this kitty bed Your little furry friend will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep. With restful sleep comes with a healthy and active lifestyle! 

Filled with a high-loft recycled polyester fiber this self warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty warmer in the winter too


Our pet blankets are plush to the touch to ensure maximum feline/canine comfort. The blanket is made of environmental friendly materials that allow for the thick soft fleece feel!

Our Sizes:

    • Small - 32x25cm
    • Medium - 49x32cm
    • Large - 61x41cm
    • XLarge - 
  • 69x52cm
  • XXLarge - 79x60cm
  • XXXLarge - 89x68cm


Wash Style: Hand Wash

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