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For Healthy Pets

Products to help in keeping your furry friends healthy and clean!




Our simple pet rollers/brushes will help keep your clothes and furniture hair free! Our portable design makes it easy to store for travel or home use. Simply clean off the roller/brush and you can reuse it multiple times due to its durable construction materials allowing for endless coats of fur to just waiting to be collected!


Our lightweight nail grinding tool is purrfect for protecting your furniture, clothes and yourself from sharp paws! Along with keeping yourself in one piece you'll be helping your furry friend maintain good hygiene by keeping their paws clear of dirt and grime build up. 
Our tools come with a USB charging cable so you can easily recharge it and help all of your four legged friends stay fresh and clean!
Lastly, our nail grinders uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet's nails anywhere.

Charging Time: about 2 hours
Use Time: about 3 hours

$9.99 $14.99
Veterinarians agree that pet oral care is a top priority but we know it can be a hassle at times. Our finger toothbrushes aim to make your pets teeth and mouth fresher and easier for you to maintain! The simple design will allow your finger to slip in and brush your pets teeth's with bristles that will tackle hard to reach places and will be easy on your pets gums! Scrub your pets mouth with this and you'll watch the plaque and tarter build up disappear. 

Having to make the extra trip to the doggy station for a bag and then back to dispose of it is a lot of steps. This pet waste dispenser will hold up to 10 LBS of doggy waste bags to ensure longevity between refills! Dispensers securely attach to any leash or bag making it completely versatile. 


*Bags sold separately* 

$4.99 $8.12

This is a self-grooming aid for cats which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the rubbing object for the cat to make them comfortable and the hardness of the bristles has been adjusted after many experiments, so it is safe for cats to use!

The self groomer is made of eco-friendly plastic base and softer plastic bristles, ensure gentle massaging and grooming without painful removal of fur or scratching the cat's skin. The soft bristles will never fall off for repeat use!

$6.99 $11.51

Leave behind the grooming headache, removing up to 95% of dead hair and tangles from your cat in as little as 10 minutes! Keep your furniture and floors free of pet hair while saving money and time on expensive visits to the vet for pet grooming services! 

Our cat comb is made to last through years of grooming and is easy to grip for all owners. Rid your four-legged friend of undercoat and loose hair effortlessly, and keep at bay allergies by frequently brushing them with this hair tool!

Cuddling up next to your furry friend is cute and fun until your top begins to look like a fuzzy sweater! Use this comb has a two in one: remove and capture pesky hairs while bonding with your feline pal
  • Dozens of silicone grooming tips which mimics a soft and relaxing massage
  • Hair remover isn perfect for long, short and curly haired kittys allowing for quick grooming
  • Skin-friendly materials ensure nothing will cause skin damage on your kitty friend 


Kitty litter deodorant is the tool you never knew you needed until you've smelled our beads. Our patent odor activated kitty tech will neutralize and improve any pet smell. This helps keep your home (and furry friend) smelling amazing all-day long! 

Choose from one of four scents to compliment your space!

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