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For Healthy Pets

Products to help in keeping your furry friends healthy and clean!




This brush is multi-functional as it comes with convenient storage for your furry friends favorite soap! The special non-slip grip material makes cleaning even easier for you. Not only will your pet be clean, they'll be completely relaxed by the massaging bristles as you clean their fur. This keeps your pet calm while you brush them!



The LED lit nail clipper makes grooming time easy and pain-free for your feline friend. Our super-bright lights will illuminate your kittys paws to ensure safe and accurate clipping. The cutting blade features harden steal meant to quickly eliminate any struggle during clipping. 


The silvervine sticks for cats are high-quality, natural, safe and harmless. Compared with traditional catnip, our cat sticks containing 6 compounds that stimulate the sense of smell. These catnip sticks are very attractive to cats and will cause them to react strongly.


The natural plant silvervine can remove harmful plaque and tartar for great dental hygiene. They'll also keep your kittys breath fresh all day long!


The sticks also promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep your kitty healthy. These catnip sticks are also a natural appetite stimulant and digestive aid to keep your feline fit!


    Have you've ever lost your dog at night or maybe they strayed a little too far off? Equip them with our LED usb charged doggy collars. Our collars are made of durable high quality nylon fiber to withstand any pup force and ensure longevity. All collars come included with a USB cable to use when the light begins to dim and lose charge.  Our light up collars will keep your furry friend visible at all times for your peace of mind!


    We offer all sizes for all doggos!

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