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Just pet road trip things

Looking to make traveling with your four legged friend eaiser? Take a look at our items geared towards making travel easier and more fun for both you and your pet!



This portable treat pouch is easy to clip on and get moving if you have a busy life with your pup! Our pouches include a zippered picket for waste bags, one pocket for the dog snacks, and another one for your belongings. You can save some of the hassle of dog park trips by just bringing this along with you!
The belt clip attachment allows for the bag to rest comfortably on your waist so you can keep your hands free to play and pet your canine. All of our pouches are made of lightweight waterproof nylon which is easy to clean and meant for lots and lots of road trips with your best friend!
$14.99 $19.99


We have a way to keep your furry friend to stay put while traveling so they don't get carsick! Use the pet seat belt to keep your pet safe and secure while you cruise the town. Our one-size fits all adjustable seat belt is designed to be strong against any pull from any pet, we welcome all to challenge this! The durability of this belt will keep this belt lasting for years to come.
Length: About 45-72cm Width: 2.5 cm

$15.62 $22.90
Our waterproof coats will keep your furry friend warm, dry, and fashionable. The coats are crafted with waterproof, scratch resistant materials perfect for standing up to any pup force! 
In addition, we included some safety such as reflective materials to ensure night time safety for you and your pet. All coats are equipped with tamper resistant zippers so you can keep the coat on and its durable materials will ensure long lasting wear! 
$29.99 $45.19
Our car seat protectors will keep your backseat from getting covered in hair (or unexpected bathroom breaks) while providing comfort to your traveling companion. Our protectors are made of waterproof, non-slip materials including a convenient pocket for road trip snacks!
Upkeep for the protector is as simple as using a damp cloth or vacuum to keep your space tidy. Additional safety measures include a pet seat belt to ensure no sudden shifts while riding with your furry friend!

Our kitty friends love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. This clear window backpack will help that and enable you to travel with your feline friend. Our backpack features 9 large vent holes all over to allow for easy air flow in and out. It is constructed with water proof, light weight, and durable materials to prevent any pet damage while in transit!



Our soft side kitty carrier makes traveling with your feline SO much easier. This carrier features escape proof zippers and a leash hook inside for pet safety! The carrying handles and adjustable shoulder traps male carrying and storing this carrier simple. 


  • Medium - 43x28x28cm
  • Large - 50x34x34cm

Max Weight: 12LBS


This designer kitty hammock is perfect for any day-time nap! The cotton interior will provide a soft and comfortable feel while being secured by 4 conveniently included clips. 


  • Small - 27cmX27cm
  • Medium - 35cmX35cm
  • Large - 53cmX35cm

Includes: 4 hanging clips




This comfy kitty harness will snugly fit your friend while still keeping them cool with breathable mesh. The harness is soft to touch but durable which is suitable for walking, jogging, training, or any other outdoor activity!

The leash (INCLUDED FOR FREE!) is simple to clip on to the harness to allow for stress free wear. The harness features escape proof clips to keep your pet by your side!


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