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Our ceramic pet bowls are simple but elegant in design. The wooden set will have a non-slip frame which will prevent your furry friend from moving their food around! The ceramic materials enable for a easy to clean surface that is non-toxic and durable enough for the dishwasher.


We offer two options: double bowl set and a single bowl

Sizes: 400ML or 850ML


Our kitty friends love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. This clear window backpack will help that and enable you to travel with your feline friend. Our backpack features 9 large vent holes all over to allow for easy air flow in and out. It is constructed with water proof, light weight, and durable materials to prevent any pet damage while in transit!



Our soft side kitty carrier makes traveling with your feline SO much easier. This carrier features escape proof zippers and a leash hook inside for pet safety! The carrying handles and adjustable shoulder traps male carrying and storing this carrier simple. 


  • Medium - 43x28x28cm
  • Large - 50x34x34cm

Max Weight: 12LBS

Cuddling up next to your furry friend is cute and fun until your top begins to look like a fuzzy sweater! Use this comb has a two in one: remove and capture pesky hairs while bonding with your feline pal
  • Dozens of silicone grooming tips which mimics a soft and relaxing massage
  • Hair remover isn perfect for long, short and curly haired kittys allowing for quick grooming
  • Skin-friendly materials ensure nothing will cause skin damage on your kitty friend 


Our automatic water dispenser will take one more thing off of your to do daily to-do list as you can fill this bowl and forget about it! The dispenser is USB powered and can hold 2.4L of water. 


  • BPA free plastic design was made to ensure 100% kitty safe consumption and easy to clean!
  • Stainless Steel design allows for an unbreakable dispenser and dishwasher safe!
  • Both designs feature a convient  side water level view so you don't have to guess when it needs to be refilled!


This waterproof kitty food mat is perfect for all the messy eaters in your home! The non-toxic silicone materials make the mat resistant to high and low temperatures and make for easy clean up. The bottom of our mats are also non-skid and anti-slip to ensure your kittys food stays put!

Wash Style: Hand Wash


This ergonomic 15 degree tilted pet bowl will make dinner time a breeze. A titled bowl will reduce risk of bloating and pet indigestion! Additionally, it is important for your pets physical health as prolonged neck extension for food time can cause injuries. 

The materials feature a stainless steel construction and non-slip bottoms attached. The bowl is easy to clean and dish washer safe for smooth maintenance of it!


This 2-in-1 food and water bowl makes feeding time a breeze. Water will be automatically dispensed as your furry friend gets thirsty saving you time!

Simply fill the bottle and let your kitty determine how much there is in the bowl. The pet bowls are removable for easy washing and cleaning!

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