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10 Simple Products for New Kitty Owners

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! We hope you and your new feline friend become best friends and love each other day after day. Check out these 10 products that we think a new kitty owner should have.



Our ceramic pet bowls are simple but elegant in design. The wooden set will have a non-slip frame which will prevent your furry friend from moving their food around! The ceramic materials enable for a easy to clean surface that is non-toxic and durable enough for the dishwasher.


We offer two options: double bowl set and a single bowl

Sizes: 400ML or 850ML


Our soft side kitty carrier makes traveling with your feline SO much easier. This carrier features escape proof zippers and a leash hook inside for pet safety! The carrying handles and adjustable shoulder traps male carrying and storing this carrier simple. 


  • Medium - 43x28x28cm
  • Large - 50x34x34cm

Max Weight: 12LBS


This waterproof kitty food mat is perfect for all the messy eaters in your home! The non-toxic silicone materials make the mat resistant to high and low temperatures and make for easy clean up. The bottom of our mats are also non-skid and anti-slip to ensure your kittys food stays put!

Wash Style: Hand Wash


Our simple kitty scratcher is sure to keep your friend busy for hours! This scratchers design is made to allow easy lounging on the scratcher for maximum pet comfort! All of our scratches are made of non-toxic  and natural materials. 

Size: 44x22cm 


Our kitty squeak ball toys are an easy addition to your felines toy bin! Tossing around the ball is a great to way to keep your feline active and healthy. These toys each have unique sounds and colors for a large variety of options. All materials are nontoxic and durable to ensure a safe play experience! 


Our pet blankets are plush to the touch to ensure maximum feline/canine comfort. The blanket is made of environmental friendly materials that allow for the thick soft fleece feel!

Our Sizes:

    • Small - 32x25cm
    • Medium - 49x32cm
    • Large - 61x41cm
    • XLarge - 
  • 69x52cm
  • XXLarge - 79x60cm
  • XXXLarge - 89x68cm


Wash Style: Hand Wash


This brush is multi-functional as it comes with convenient storage for your furry friends favorite soap! The special non-slip grip material makes cleaning even easier for you. Not only will your pet be clean, they'll be completely relaxed by the massaging bristles as you clean their fur. This keeps your pet calm while you brush them!


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